Happy tails FIN BACKPACK PINK Junior with name

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Choose this product for the Junior monofin.

High quality and waterproof monofin
The high quality waterproof Happy tails BACKPACK comes in two sizes: for the monofin Junior and the monofin Teen. There is a pocket for your mermaid tail, swimsuit and other swimming gear. You can fit up to three monofins including the tail.

Brand Happy Tails
Category Backpacks


  •   Czech product
  •   100% quality guarantee
  •   Guaranteed money back or repair incl. shipping
  •   Waterproof and strong material
  •   Shoulder and chest straps
  •   Quality snap fasteners for easy grip
  •   Spacious for up to three full sets
  •   Reverse side with PVC deposits
  •   Modern and vibrant colours


This professionally designed backpack with many details meets the requirements for healthy back. The backpack has shoulder and chest straps and is very light with a great fit to both children and adults alike.

Front pocket:

The front pocket is ideal for your phone, valet, keys and other personal items. There is a waterproof fabric separating the pocket from the rest of the backpack.

Name tag:

We offer name embroidering to give your backpack that personal touch. Delivered 10 days from the date, when you order. You can find the backpack with a name tag HERE.


Composition of 100% polyester, PVC deposits on the reverse side
Water leakege resistance ČSN EN ISO 811

How to care for your fin backpack:

Pay a close attention to the care symbols inside your bag.

Clean the textile materials using a dry or slightly wet cloth. Air dry at room temperatures. Do not wash in the washing machine as there is a risk of damage to the PVC inside of your bag. Do not wring, let the water drip out. Do not use bleach.

The buyer/user takes a full responsibility for the correct and safe use of the product. Abiding by the rules for the correct care will extend the product´s lifespan. Damage due to false care isn´t a subject for a warranty

Warning: The monofin is not a part of the package. You can purchase monofins HERE.