Happy tails Fin BACKPACK Junior

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Choose this product for the Junior monofin.

Carrying you monofin and mermaid tail has never been easier.

High quality waterproof Happy tails backpack is designed specifically for junior monofins. There is a pocket for your mermaid tail, swimsuit and other swimming gear. The backpack is very light, easy to store and fits perfectly to backs of all ages. Popular fashion accessory for every mermaid.

Brand Happy Tails
Category Backpacks


  •   Czech product
  •   100% quality guarantee
  •   Guaranteed money back or repair incl. shipping
  •   Waterproof and strong material
  •   Quality snap fasteners
  •   Reverse side with PVC deposits
  •   Modern, light, easy to store



Composition of 100% polyamide, 263g/m²
Reverse side with PVC deposits

Happy tails monofin backpack was designed to allow easy and safe carrying of fins and other swimming accessories. Place your monofin into the inside pocket and close with two snap fasteners.

How to care for your fin backpack:

Pay a close attention to the care symbols inside your bag.

Clean the textile materials using a dry or slightly wet cloth. Air dry at room temperatures. Do not wash in the washing machine as there is a risk of damage to the PVC inside of your bag. Do not wring, let the water drip out. Do not use bleach.

The buyer/user takes a full responsibility for the correct and safe use of the product. Abiding by the rules for the correct care will extend the product´s lifespan.
Damage due to false care isn´t a subject for a warranty


Warning: The monofin is not a part of the package. You can purchase monofins HERE.